10 myths about the GDPR

10 myths about the GDPR

If I haven’t sent a reconfirmation email to my subscribers I can’t send to them
Myth! You can still send to your subscribers if you can stand behind one of the 6 lawful basis for processing data.

Consent is the only way to meet the standards set by the GDPR Myth! It is one of six ways to meet lawful processing 
Consent is one of six ways to meet lawful processing. There are other ways to lawfully process data subjects (your subscribers).

If I have a pre ticked box on my sign up form that is still consent?
Nope! Consent needs to be unambiguous. A pre ticked form/box is passive consent. The subscriber needs to take the physical action to say ‘yes’. You cannot assume because they haven’t unticked (opted-out) that this is a form of consent.

If I offer white papers, free downloads or WiFi I have consent and comply with the GDPR
Just because someone downloads a white paper doesn’t mean you have unambiguous consent to send them campaigns.

GDPR is a barrier to businesses, its pure red tape and means you can’t contact your subscribers as freely as you want to.
Something we hear quite often. The GDPR is not all about businesses, it is about data as a citizen of the EU. It is more control over your data (you the person, not you the business). The GDPR doesn’t need to be seen as a barrier to contacting your subscribers or leads, it is a way to reduce dead data, create potentials that are interested and provide you with a rich database of engaged subscribers.

Data that is already in my database isn’t subject to the GDPR - It is.
The GDPR is reaffirming the legislation's that are already law around data. If you cannot prove that you have consent (opt in data) or meet one of the other 5 ways for lawful processing you will break the GDPR.

GDPR doesn’t apply to my company because of BREXIT
Yes it does. Any company with EU citizen’s data (even if it’s one person) needs to comply with the GDPR. It does not matter that the UK are leaving the European Union in March 2019, the GDPR applies to European citizens.

I have to turn double opt-in on to comply with the GDPR
No this is just one way to meet lawful processing of data. It’s the quickest and easiest way plus it’s free.

If I comply to the GDPR I don’t need unsubscribe on my email campaign
Wrong, you still have to offer the recipient the right to decide if they want to hear from you. People can change their minds!

My subscribers haven’t opted-out of my mailing lists so they must be happy to still hear from me?
Wrong, they may one day decide they don’t want to hear from you. Depending on how frequently you send, they may not notice your campaign in their inbox but that doesn’t mean they want to hear from you!

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