Contacts overview (Dashboard)

Contacts overview (Dashboard)

The Contacts Dashboard is an information zone.

Here you can check your Contact, Group and Segment totals, add/remove/amend Contacts.

Import Summary

Once your file has finished importing you will be able to view a summary report of the upload. To access this information click on the ‘details’ button next to the upload which is found under the Contact Import History & Status on the homepage of the contact tab. Please note the import reports are only available for a week after the import has taken place.
Within this report you will be given an option to ‘export failed contacts’. To do this simply click on the export button and then click download.

Contacts not uploading?

Sometimes you may have several sheets in a workbook in Excel and you may wish to upload them all into your NewZapp account. NewZapp will only recognise one worksheet and won't register for example 3 or four pages. You will need to upload these sheets individually as separate workbooks for NewZapp to recognise your contacts.

You may also have a password protected document. You will need to remove the password before you upload the document.
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