Creating anchor links in an email

Creating anchor links in an email

Making anchor links in an email can be helpful if you have lots of news items or a few very long ones, and you want to include an "In this issue" style index at the top.

But first of all we'd recommend writing your entire email and adding all the content, so that the only thing left to do is make anchor links.

This includes writing the "In this issue" style index at the top of the email.

Follow the video below for more instructions.


Once all the anchor links have been made, send yourself a test to make sure they all jump to the correct place.

Whilst you can't track the click of an anchor link due to it being internal, they are really useful for anyone creating emails with a lot of content because they don't have scope to create content online. 

Top tip: If you don't have online content to link to from "teaser" text, then try and think of a call to action or a related resource so you can provide a link at the end of each story. This will help you gauge the popularity of any particular items in your email.

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