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Email client support for anchor links

Not all email clients support anchor links, which means that if a subscriber is clicking your table of contents link or back to the top link they will not jump to the anchor point. This is nothing that NewZapp can control or force the email reader to adopt.

To support you in your decision to use anchoring in your emails such as for a table of contents or a back to the top of the email link we have populated a table of email readers.

Email Client
Support for anchor links
Gmail (Web)
Gmail (Android app)
Inbox by Gmail (Android app)
Gmail (iOS app)
Apple Mail (iOS)
Yahoo! Mail (Web)
YES (Web)
Outlook (Android app)
Outlook (desktop)
Outlook for MAC
Samsung email app (Android)
Windows Mail (Windows 10)

To find out how to create anchor links for your email campaigns please see this guide - Creating anchor links in an email​​​​

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