How does NewZapp fit in the GDPR?

How does NewZapp fit in the GDPR?

NewZapp Email Marketing is a Data Processor. We hold a copy of and process your Data Subjects. In a nutshell, we send your email marketing campaigns to your subscribers, got to love legal jargon!

You are the Data Controller. You always have been, you just have a new fancy title now! We provide all the tools to help you gain consent for your subscribers (Data Subjects) if you don’t already have it.

For more information on what the responsibilities of the Data Controller are please visit the ICO website.

To Process a Data Subject (to send a subscriber an email) under the GDPR requires consent. Although to be honest, email marketing always has done! A lot of column inches have been written about consent, but did you know consent is actually one of SIX perfectly legal ways you are allowed to process a data subject.

Disclaimer: The above information and materials created by NewZapp Communications are not intended to constitute or provide any legal advice. You should seek advice from a legal professional or contact the Information Commissioners Office to discuss your business needs.
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