How to clear your cache

How to clear your cache

When you view a page or a website in your browser some of these pages and images are saved to your computer in order to speed up loading of the website. The problem is if the webpage is updated then your browser could still be loading the saved content, so this is why we recommend that you either hard refresh the page (Ctrl + F5) or clear your browsers cache.

Below we have written guides on how you can do this in Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. Please note these instructions may differ depending on the browser version your are using.

Google Chrome

  • Click the "Customise and control Google Chrome" Icon top right of the browser window, or CTRL+H

  • Select “More tools” from the menu

  • Select "Clear browsing data"

  • In the pop-up thatb opens, make sure "Cookies and other site data" and "Cached images and files" are selected

  • Change the Time range to "All time"

  • Click "Clear data" to confirm

  • Exit and re-launch the browser.

Microsoft Edge

  • Go to the 3 dots in the top right hand corner of the browser

  • From the drop down, click 'Settings'

  • Select 'Privacy, search, and services'

  • Under 'Clear Browsing Data' Click 'Choose what to clear'

  • Make sure 'Cookies and saved website data' and 'Cached data and files' are ticked

  • Click 'Clear Now'

  • Exit and re-launch the browser

Mozilla Firefox

  • Click the 3 lines in the top right of the browser window

  • Click on 'History'

  • Click on 'Clear Recent History' 

  • Select 'Cache' and any others you wish to clear

  • Click 'Ok'

  • Exit browser and re-open

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