How to collect more data when a contact signs up

How to collect more data when a contact signs up

With the NewZapp sign up form, you can collect the basic information about your contact such as email address (required), first name, last name and company name however there may be occasions where you wish to collect more information to offer different email campaign types.

Extending the data you can collect

You can collect additional personal and address data from your contacts by adding one or more of the following <input> elements.

<input name="Title" id="MyTitle" type="text" placeholder="title" />

<input name="JobTitle" id="MyJobTitle" type="text" placeholder="job title" />

<input name="TelNo" id="MyTelephoneNo" type="text" placeholder="telephone" pattern="[- +()]*[0-9][- +()0-9]*$" />

<input name="Address1" id="MyAddress1" type="text" placeholder="address 1" />

<input name="Address2" id="MyAddress2" type="text" placeholder="address 2" />

<input name="Address3" id="MyAddress3" type="text" placeholder="address 3" />

<input name="City" id="MyCity" type="text" placeholder="city" />

<input name="County" id="MyCounty" type="text" placeholder="county" />

<input name="Postcode" id="MyPostcode" type="text" placeholder="postcode" />

<input name="Country" id="MyCountry" type="text" placeholder="country" />

Custom tags 

You can also collect custom data for any Custom Tags you have set up in your account. Just use the exact name you have given each custom tag, including any spaces, hyphens or underscores etc like so:

<input name="Custom Text Data" id="MyCustomTextData" type="text" placeholder="custom text data" />

<input name="Custom-Number-Data" id="MyCustomNumberData" type="number" placeholder="custom number data" />

<input name="Custom_Yes_or_No_Data" id=" MyCustomYesNoData " type="checkbox" value="true" />

<input name="CustomDateData" id="MyCustomDateData" type="text" pattern="(0[1-9]|[12][0-9]|3[01])[- /.](0[1-9]|1[012])[- /.](19|20)\d\d" placeholder="custom date data" title="dd/mm/yyyy" />

Note that you can use <label for=”ID”>My Label </label> for any and all of these input fields, especially where a placeholder attribute can’t be used e.g. where type=”checkbox”.

Test, test and test again!

Remember to always test your sign-up form is adding data to your account as expected. Very often any issues is down to a simple type or code omission, so check your code carefully!

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