How to create a landing page

How to create a landing page

A landing page is a page of information hosted online that you link to from an email campaign.  Landing pages are an ideal tool to avoid emails becoming too long and/or as a means to gather engagement statistics, for example which items/topics in your email campaigns do your recipients most want to read about? Very often landing pages are part of a website, but this isn’t a viable option for some organisations.

All NewZapp customers have the tools to create landing pages for their email campaigns, but a landing page template is required with appropriate branding. Please contact us for details on the creation of a bespoke landing page template for your account.

Method for creating Landing Pages to use with your email campaign
1. In the Create & Send tab of your NewZapp account, create a new email choosing a suitable template on the ‘Pick a Template’ screen as you go through the steps.
2. Populate this email with the content you want as your campaign’s landing page.
3. Once your landing page is finished and requires no further changes, send it to yourself.
Sending yourself a copy of your page is for the sole purpose of publishing it, as NewZapp automatically publishes an online copy as part of the sending process.
4. Go to the Track section in your NewZapp account and click to open the email campaign you just sent in the left hand Navigation pane. Then click to open the Properties panel for this campaign.
5. At the bottom of your campaign Properties pane is a section labelled ‘Online Campaign Link’. Here you will find the URL where your page has been published.
6. Copy this link (being careful to copy the entire length of the URL). Using the command ‘Ctrl A’ is a useful shortcut to ensure you have selected all of the characters, then Ctrl ‘C’ to copy it.
7. Return to the Create & Send tab and open your main email campaign.
8. Create a link to your published landing page by clicking on the Create Link button (chain icon) on the toolbar and pasting the link into the URL field. You can create links on text and images.
9. Click OK.
10. Once your main email campaign is complete, send yourself a Proof so that you can try all the links to ensure they go to the correct landing pages.

Remember… Each landing page URL that you create is unique and content on that hosted page is not editable - so if you make changes to your landing page content in Create & Send, you’ll need to re-publish it and update your email campaign with a hyperlink to the latest version of your landing page.

NB: This will not happen automatically.

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