How to create a QR Code

How to create a QR Code


When in Create & Send, you'll have 3 options along the white banner, you'll want to go into QR Codes.


You then will have all the QR Codes available to you that have been made in your account previously.


To create a QR Code is easy and there's many reasons that they can be a benefit to your Internal Communications. QR Codes have made it easier than ever to reach those colleagues who are not stationed at a desk or don't have the ability to read through your comms during work time.


You could have your QR Code stationed:


  • In Break Rooms
  • On Wall Pillars in an open plan office
  • In Reception areas
  • On posters
  • And more!


Benefits of our QR Code:


  • Static QR Code Image - only the Content Assigned changes, making the necessity to continuously print new versions unnecessary. Reducing the need for paper and saving your time.
  • Data, data, data - Within the QR Code, you'll see Live data based on your audience in the location it's stationed opening and clicking the content within.
  • And more!


So to the good stuff, how do you create a new QR Code?


Select 'New QR Code' in the top right hand corner of the QR screen.



You'll then see a box giving you the opportunity to name what this is for, and then detail the location. So if you have multiple offices, break out rooms, meeting rooms, you may wish to be more detailed on where this will be for on NewZapp's end.



You'll then enter this QR Codes dashboard, where you'll see it's clear when there is no content assigned.


There are two options on Downloading the QR Code image:



Next step is to Assign Content which you can do by clicking the button on the right hand side that says 'Assign Content'.



You can then select the Campaign or Landing Page that you'd like to assign to this QR Code as shown above.


Once you've selected your comms, you can then select 'Choose Active Period'.


This will then take you through to where you can either Assign Immediately or you can schedule so that it starts at a later date and will end at a specific date and time.



Some of the bonuses of Scheduling your content to the QR Code is that if someone is going on annual leave for example, they could prepare and schedule their comms to assign to this QR Code to relieve the pressure from their colleagues and to ensure everyone has access to the most recent piece of comms.



Now that we have allocated a Campaign and set for this one to be indefinite we can now see that it's live, both by the Green bordered White envelope on the left and the Green icon advising 'Active Content' on the top right. We can see where what Campaign we've allocated and that it's indefinite as stated on the right in the block columns.


If someone was to open the QR Code where I've put up the QR Code it would look like this -



So not only will you have the Campaign Data under Reports, but you'll now be able to factor in the reach that you have via the QR Code too so that you can do everything to ensure that your newsletters are accessible for all colleagues.

See our YouTube training video on QR Codes here -
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