How to filter contacts

How to filter contacts

NewZapp’s filter options give you the ability to easily search through your Contacts. You can filter by any Data or Custom Tag, or combination of both - meaning if you have the information, there’s a filter to find it.
    1. Go to contact
    2. Click groups in the top left hand side of your screen

3.  Choose what data pool you are filtering by going to the’Status’ drop down at the top of the list of contacts and then selecting from either ‘Subscribers’, ‘Un-subscribers’ and ‘Hard Bounces’.
(‘Subscribers’ = active contacts, ‘Un-subscribers’ = those who have opted out or ‘Hard Bounces’ = those email addresses that bounced)

4.  Select show ‘Filters’ (top right hand side of your screen

5. Then select the field you which to filter by, and then the operating filter ‘e.g. ‘Containing’ or ‘Starting’ and then enter the ‘Value’ you are filtering by, then hit apply

6.  If you which to add another filter then click on ‘+ Add Filter’ - Then your data is filtered.

You can then copy the data into a new group, remove the contacts from a group or your account, export the contacts or suppress the data as required.
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