How to log in to NewZapp using Okta as your Identity Provider

How to log in to NewZapp using Okta as your Identity Provider

NewZapp Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration Guide for Okta

Supported Features

  1. SP Initiated Auth Flow: SSO using OIDC initiated via NewZapp


Administrative access to an Okta organization.

Configuration Steps

  1. Open a new tab/window in your browser and sign in to your Okta account as an administrator.
  2. Go to "Applications" and click on the "Browse Application Catalog" button.
  3. Search for and add the NewZapp application, then click on "Add Integration".
  4. Choose the name by which you want to identify the application, by default it is NewZapp.
  5. You will be redirected to "Assignments" tab, then assign users or groups that require access to NewZapp.
  6. Go to "Sign On" tab and copy Client ID, Client secret

  7. Copy Okta domain found by clicking on your username in the top right corner of the Admin Console

  8. Email us your Client ID, Client secret and Okta domain at with the subject "SSO Config".
  9. Our team will notify you once SSO is enabled for your organisation.

Usage Instructions

After SSO activation:
  1. For SP Initiated Auth: Visit and enter your email to log in. You will be redirected to Okta for authentication.

Important Notes

Once SSO is enabled, traditional password logins will be disabled.
Note that users must also be created in NewZapp in order to have access which can be done via your Account Settings | Manage Users section.

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