How to look up Contacts who have confirmed or not confirmed their subscription

How to look up Contacts who have confirmed or not confirmed their subscription

Note that: Asking a Contact to confirm their subscription should not be confused with the Double Opt-in process which is for new Contacts who have signed up to your NewZapp account via an online form. Confirmation of Double Opt-in happens automatically as part of the online signup process. See: How to turn on the Double Opt-in email setting in your NewZapp Account.


NewZapp enables you to include a confirmation link in any email campaign, which allows existing Contacts the opportunity to confirm their wish to remain on your mailing list. This method includes use of the the [confirm] tag and instructions can be found in the following article:

Once you have started sending emails with a confirm link, you can look up Contacts in your account who have, or have not, clicked on it.


To do this use the Search Filters:

  1. Go to the main Contacts section
  2. Open the Groups sub section
  3. You can either search All Contacts, or you can click to open a particular Group.
  4. Click to 'Show Search Filters'
  5. Click on the 'Confirm' Data Filter
  6. To filter for Contacts who have clicked to confirm their subscription select 'Yes' from the dropdown, or 
    To filter for Contacts who have not clicked to confirm their subscription select 'No' from the dropdown
  7. Click the tick icon to save the Data Filter and loads search results.
  8. Search results will load at the bottom of the screen in the data table.
  9. From here you have tools available to 'Copy' (data to another group or a new group), 'Remove' (from the account), 'Export' (as a .csv file), or apply 'Suppression'.


Using the 'Confirm' Data Filter in Contacts section

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