How to send your email

How to send your email

Once you are happy with an email it's time to send it to your database of contacts.  


1.       Once you are happy with the email click on the ‘Next’ button located in the top right corner of your screen, this will automatically save any unsaved changes to your email

2.       The next screen and the information you input is as important as the content of your email as this will be the first piece of information that your audience will see. On this screen you will be able to edit your ‘Subject Line’, ‘Email from Name’, ‘From email address’, the name of your ‘Google Analytic Campaign’ and assign the email to any relevant ‘Topics’. Also on this screen it will allow you to a ‘Inbox Preview’, this will allow you to see roughly what your audience will see upon receiving your email. Once you are happy with everything, click on the ‘Next’ button on the right hand side of your screen.


3.       You will now be brought to the ‘Send Proof’ screen, in this screen you will have the options to send a ‘Proof Email’ to a specific person or group of contacts via email. You also have the ability to save the contacts you enter now into a ‘Proof Group’, this will save you time in the future as you will not have to manually add the contact next time as NewZapp will prepopulate these contacts for you. To add the contacts to the ‘Proof Group’ swipe on the toggle above the ‘Send Proof’ button. 

Please note that you can have a maximum of 20 people in the proof email

You also have the ability to skip the proof, we always recommend that you do send a proof of your email so you can see what your audience will receive. Once you click on the ‘Send Proof’ button, a pop up will appear asking if you want to ‘Return to Editor’ or to ‘Progress to Send’, this gives you ability to return to your email and make any amendments to the email. 

4.       Once you are happy you have selected all the contacts you which to send your email to, click the ‘Next’ button on the right hand side. The next screen is where you select when your email is to be sent. You can either send the email immediately or you can schedule the email to be sent at a specific time.

NewZapp tip – Even if you wish for the email to be sent immediately we would schedule the email to be sent in thirty minutes time, this allowing you and anyone you sent the proof email to, to double check the email once again.

When scheduling an email, click on the ‘Schedule’ button, this will prompt an option to select a date and time in the future for the email to be sent. Once you have selected whether you are sending it immediately or you have selected a specific time and date and you are happy, click on the ‘Next’ button on the right hand side of the screen.

.       5. You are at the final step now, this is the ‘Final Checks’ page. This allow you to review every step you have taken so far (who you are sending the email to, the subject title, the time it will be sent and also how the email looks for a final time – you can view both the desktop view and the mobile view).

If you are happy, then the time has come to press that ‘Send’ button on the right hand side. A message will appear congratulating you on the sending of your email. If you have scheduled the email to be sent at specific time it will give you a reminder of that and what time it will be delivered. If you have sent it immediately then it will just tell you have the campaign has been sent.

6.       If you have scheduled your campaign for a specific date and time in the future you still have the ability to cancel the send of this email. You can do this in the ‘Create & Send’ section of your account, any scheduled emails will be displayed with a ‘blue arrow on the left hand side with a clock on’. If you click on the three dots on the right hand side then you have the ability to ‘View Report, ‘Rename’ the email, ‘Create Copy’, ‘Cancel & Revert to Draft’ or ‘Cancel & Delete Campaign’.

N.B. Remember to monitor your campaign. You can see the activity and engagement as it happens in Reports.

Stop/Cancel a Campaign Send 
As outlined above, there are two types of campaign you might wish to stop/cancel:

1. Stop/cancel a Campaign which has been set to ‘Send Now’ – Case of trying to shut the stable door after the horse has bolted we’re afraid! Once you have conformed the Final Checks screen and clicked the Send Now button, there is no way of stopping the Campaign from sending, the sending process will begin immediately.

2. Stop/cancel a Campaign which has been set to ‘Send at a Scheduled Date/Time’ - You will have the opportunity to stop/cancel this Send, if you can do so before the scheduled date/time.
      i. Go to the Reports part of your account… If the campaign hasn’t begun to send emails…
      ii. Select the Campaign from the Navigation panel on the left of screen
      iii. Click the Delete button on the Navigation heading bar 
      iv. A ‘Confirm Record To Delete’ dialog will open
      v. Click to ‘Confirm’, or to change your mind, click ‘Cancel’
      vi. Once deleted, to send the Campaign out you will need to go back to Create & Send and start the sending process again.

Note: If the Campaign has begun to send emails when you open the Reports section of your account, you won’t be able to stop this process. Deleting the Campaign after sending has begun will not cancel the process midway.

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