How to use Automation to send an email to Subscribers who have re-confirmed

How to use Automation to send an email to Subscribers who have re-confirmed

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Asking Subscribers to confirm their new online signup
If you have an online signup form linked to your NewZapp account, every time someone signs up your account sends a standard 'Double Opt-in' email asking the Subscriber to confirm their new subscription. For information on how to add this form to your website or Facebook page see:
Asking existing Subscribers to confirm they want to hear from you

You can also send an email to your existing Subscribers asking them to re-confirm their subscription. This may be for example as part of a GDPR exercise or because you have manually added/imported new Subscribers and you want a log of them confirming their subscription.
Automating a response to a new Subscriber signup after double opt-in

Once a Subscriber has signed up to your emails from your online form, and they have clicked on the Double Opt-in email sent by the system, you can then create your own Automation that sends a Welcome email or a series of emails about your organisation/products/services. 
Automating a response to an existing Subscriber re-confirmation

Once a Subscriber has re-confirmed by clicking a confirm link that you sent in an email, you might want to send them a one-off thank you email, or begin a series of emails about your organisation/products/services. 
  1. First of all you will need to know how to identify Subscribers who have re-confirmed, you can do that by using the 'Confirm' filter tag in your account.
    How to filter for confirmed Subscribers 
  2. Decide which Group in your account you want to use for re-confirmed Subscribers. 
  3. Create an Automation based on the said Group as your Automation Audience, with a Trigger of send an email when a Subscriber is "Added to Audience".
  4. You'll also need to set Trigger Properties to 'Imported' as this will be the method you will use to add Subscribers to the Group. e.g. Filter for Subscribers using the 'Confirmed: Yes' filter tag, use the Export option to download the list, then re-import into the Group. 
Setting a Trigger to send an Automated email after Import of Subscribers into the Audience group

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