NewZapp 8 is here!

How to create an email

Welcome to your NewZapp email editor

We listened to your suggestions for the email editor and made them happen! The next NewZapp software update is officially here and you now have access to a brand-new email editor!


How will I know how to use it?

You’ll get to grips with the new editor quickly because it is really easy to use. To help you get underway we have created an onboarding video with you which you can return to whenever you need a quick reminder. Your Account Manager will also be on hand with any questions you have.

Onboarding Video

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      Once you are happy with an email it's time to send it to your database of contacts. Sending 1. Once you are happy with the email click on the ‘Next’ button located in the top right corner of your screen, this will automatically save any unsaved ...
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      A landing page is a page of information hosted online that you link to from an email campaign. Landing pages are an ideal tool to avoid emails becoming too long and/or as a means to gather engagement statistics, for example which items/topics in your ...
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      To find someone who has previously unsubscribed, you can search in your 'Contacts' dashboard In the instance above, I'm searching all contacts, but if you wanted to search in a Group, the only thing step you need to do from this view is click into ...
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      To retarget the people who haven't opened your campaign, you will want to create a Segment. How do you create a Segment? When you're within the Contacts Dashboard, there are two options to view Groups Segments I've circled above where you can go into ...
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