Resend an email to contacts who haven't opened it.

Resend an email to contacts who haven't opened it.

  • To retarget the people who haven't opened your campaign, you will want to create a Segment.


    How do you create a Segment?



    When you're within the Contacts Dashboard, there are two options to view





    I've circled above where you can go into Segments.



    Here you'll see your existing Segments on the left hand-side.


    To create a new Segment, you can select the Blue button 'Create Segment' in the top left.



    You'll need to create a name for this, I recommend using a name that is really straight forward and clear for others to understand what this Segment is for. So you could add the name of the campaign it's going to be used for, or the name of the Group it's linked too for example.


    The description could be used to add detail around the purpose of this Segment. So that when others in your team are viewing and perhaps covering in your absence or busy period, they are able to clearly see what this Segment is used for.



    You will then be taken to the next step which is choosing the Group you want this Segment to work within.


    Top tip - Segments are dynamic, so it'll continuously update based on the behaviour of the Segment. We will touch on this below.



    You will now be presented with Filters on the right side of your screen.


    Within the 'Field' we have 3 Categories for filters:


    • Standard Fields, ie. Email address, first name, etc
    • Custom Fields, to hold extensive information on your imported data
    • Behaviour, engagement data based off of interaction or lack of with communications


    If I wanted to be able to see who had opened my comms, I would want this Field to be a mark of a Behaviour, for example



    I would choose 'Opened Campaign' because it's a specific campaign that I want the data from. To see who hasn't opened my campaign, I would then change the 'Operator' to False.


    I would then click 'Select Campaign' which will open the window for all sent Campaigns


    I'd select the campaign I want data from and then select 'Confirm Selection'.


    I have now chosen my campaign, and I'm going to select 'Apply' in Blue.




    I will then select 'Save Changes' and this will then secure my Segment from being unsaved.


    You can now click into the main window, which will close the Filters Option.



    We can now see we have 2 people who didn't open my recent communications about QR Codes, I could use this data to target these two individuals and more!


    You'd then send to this Segment via the send wizard of your campaign.


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