Contact Import Report

Contact Import Report

Once your file has finished importing you will be able to view a summary report of the upload. Please note that this information is only available for 1 week.


If you select 'Import History' in Blue.



You'll then see the import history above. In this case I want to look at the most recent, where I have tried to import 11 Contacts, and 10 have been updated.


If you click into the Completed import.



You'll then be presented with the Import Report, which is available for 7 days in line with GDPR this will not be available after the 7 days.


We can see here that the 10 contacts are already in the account.


If we want to check and see if the updated data has been added to each contact, we could 'Download Report'.



We can then see in Column S that the contacts are already in the account, but has imported the new details.

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