What is suppression and how is it used?

What is suppression and how is it used?

Do you have a particular Contact or Group of Contacts you don’t want to receive a certain campaign?  


Suppression is an ideal means to temporarily exclude anyone from your email campaign(s). You can easily suppress and unsuppress individual Contacts, or Contacts on mass. 


Suppressing a Contact does not remove any Groups associations that you have saved for that Contact. Those Group associations remain visible and searchable during the time that the Contact is suppressed.


There’s also a ‘Suppression Group’ which will allow you to see in an instant detail of every Contact who is currently suppressed in your account.


You’ll note when a Contact is suppressed their email address will be italicised and have the suppression symbol at the front of it. This indicates that the Contact will not receive any of your campaigns.


How to suppress a single Contact 

1. Using filters to search for the Contact you want to suppress 

2. Click on the email address in the table to open their Contact Card

3. On the bottom right click the ‘Suppress’ button

4. Click to ‘Confirm’ the suppression

5. Once suppressed, a Contact appears differently in filter results e.g. all details italicised and with the suppression symbol before the email address

6. Once suppressed, this information also appears on a Contact Card, along with an option to Unsuppress (more details below).


How to unsuppress a single Contact 

1. Using the filter options or by clicking into the ‘Suppression Group’ search for the Contact in question 

2. Click on the email address in the table view to open their Contact Card

3. On the bottom right click the ‘Unsuppress’ button

4. Click to ‘Confirm’ the suppression


How to Suppress or Unsuppress more than one Contact at a time 

1. Using the filter option search for the Contacts you want to Suppress or Unsuppress. This may be an entire Group or a filtered list. 

2. On the bottom right of the table click the ‘Suppression’ button

3. The Contacts that you have selected may contain a mix of suppressed and unsuppressed addresses so the next screen offers you a choice of what you would like to do, e.g. whether you want to Suppress or Unsuppress them regardless of their individual suppression status.

4. On the next screen click to ‘Confirm Suppress’ or ‘Confirm Unsuppress’. 5. Suppression status can be changed at any time. Suppressed Contacts retain their Group associations which will still be in place should you unsuppress them in the future.


How to view all suppressed Contacts 

1. Click on the Groups tab. The Suppression Group is always the first Group to the right of ‘All Contacts’ and cannot be deleted. 

2. Click on the Suppression Group. All suppressed Contacts in your account will load in a new 2nd tab in the table.

3. The table tab shows a count of how many Contacts are currently suppressed. There is also a button that lets you toggle between part and full table view.

4. You will also be able to view suppressed Contacts per Group, when clicking to view the contents of particular Groups, as suppressed Contacts retain their Group associations which will still be in place should you unsuppress a Contact at any time.



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