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Why do my emails have strange white lines in Outlook?

So, you opened an HTML email in Outlook 2016 on a PC and noticed there are horizontal 1px white or other coloured lines appearing in odd places. Yet this doesn’t happen in any other email readers, desktop or otherwise. It doesn’t even happen in Outlook 2016 on a Mac. What’s going on?

For whatever reason, the rendering engine leaves a 1px gap after some HTML table elements, allowing the email window’s background colour to show through. You can mitigate the effect by setting the email background colour to be the same as the body of the email, but this does mean that the lines could show in elements that are a different colour. The position of these lines do seem to vary dependent on the amount of content in the email and where it is placed, but there is no way of fixing it.

This is an issue that has occurred in Outlook 2016 for the PC since its release and despite complaints from users and email designers, Microsoft so far have shown little interest in fixing it.

Here’s another useful article from Email on Acid:

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